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Collection: Academics

Photo: Davila's Spanish 4 class

In order to keep within social distancing guidelines, some classes had to take place outside their typical arrangements. Ms...

The Art Prize 2020

The Art Prize is awarded to the students who have contributed the most to the Art Program in effort, originality, and technique in various art forms...

The Hoover C. Sutton Drama Prize 2020

The Hoover C. Sutton Drama Prize is awarded in honor of Hoover C. Sutton, drama teacher at St. Andrew's School from 1980 - 1993, for the greatest contribution to the theater program in technical work. The 2020 Hoover C...

Harry C. Parker Prize 2020

The Harry C. Parker Prize given by Harry M. Parker, Class of 1964 in memory of his father, Harry C. Parker, to the VI Form boy or girl who has achieved the greatest academic improvement in his/her St. Andrew's career. The 2020 Harry C...

Lt. Sarah Atwater Abbott '99

This is a video of the 2011 commencement address given by Lt. Sarah Atwater Abbott '99. "Whose Parachute Are You Packing?" Lt. Sarah Abbott '99 Inspires During 78th Commencement. Here is just a tid bit to whet your appetite...