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Chapel Talk, 2021 September 12: Loneliness / Joy McGrath

At Old St. Anne's Church, Head of School Joy McGrath talks of the rising rates of loneliness affecting young Americans in school and how - as individuals and collectively as a community - loneliness is addressed at St. Andrew's...

Chapel Talk, 2018 May 27: Baccalaureate / Louisa Zendt '78

Addressing the Class of 2018, retiring Head of Admissions Louisa Hemphill Zendt '78 reflects upon what drew her to return to St. Andrew's 21 years ago, and the enduring connection St. Andreans will experience throughout their lives.

Chapel Talk, 2013 May 26: Baccalaureate / Mike Hyde

In his Baccalaureate remarks, Boys Athletic Director Mike Hyde encourages the graduates to be thankful for and to thank their parents for their sacrifices in allowing their children's attendance at the School.

Chapel Talk, 2010 May 30: Baccalaureate / Morgan Scoville '00

Speaking to the Class of '10, Assistant Director of Admissions Morgan Scoville, class of '00, advises the graduates to reflect on what the Chapel Program has given them over the course of their time at the School, and that "[s]pending time in this sp..

Chapel Talk, 2009 May 24: Baccalaureate / Wilson Everhart '95

In this Commencement Chapel Talk, History teacher Wilson Everhart, class of '95, counsels the Class of 2009 to, "Move on...sort of." Advice to move on to "passionate engagement" in "whatever community awaits" is tempered by advice to retain close bo..

Chapel Talk, 1998 May 24: Baccalaureate / John Austin '83

In discussing explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard's account of a 1914 trek to the South Pole in search of a penguin egg, VI Form Advisor John Austin urges the graduates to journey through life in a continuous search of knowledge: "[C]onceive of yourself, ..