Chapel Talk, 2004 May 30: Baccalaureate / Joy McGrath
Joy McGrath
Director of Development, Joy McGrath congratulates the graduating class of '04 on not conforming to the world and have shown that they are a group with no use for artifice. She goes on to say, "Your education here has hinged on your ability to think critically, assess, break down, and understand. You now, no doubt, take this ability for granted, but it may be the greatest gift you have received at this school. I chose the scripture Mr. Hyde read not only because it contains some good advice for graduates, but also because it is a perfect Pauline dialog, a conversation. For every question in the passage there is an answer, each assertion anticipates its counter-assertion. Give? Do it generously. Live? Do it diligently. Suffering? Be patient. Hate evil, hold fast to good. Be not conformed, be transformed."

ROMANS 12: 2 – 13