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Fall Festival, 2016

Science teacher Peter McLean took this series of photos capturing some of the 2016 Fall Festival, and sent them to the Community News email conference.

In this photo, Emma Marvil '16 and Sustainability Director Diana Burk pick apples from the SAS ..

Susan Kemer, Gardener

Science teacher Peter McLean took this photo of gardener Susan Kemer in the Organic Garden and sent it to Community News: "Enjoy the good weather, and come join this remarkable advocate of the organic garden..."

Walnut Grove

This picture of the Walnut Grove was taken during an environmental science field work class. Trees planted in the grove by Biology teacher Peter McLean and his forestry crew.

Blackburn Hughes on Horse

This photo of Blackburn Hughes (fondly referred to as Blackie), teacher of English and French, tennis coach and advisor to Criss-Cross Club was taken in 1951 in the fields behind Naudin House.
Photo was identified by Chesa Profaci '80.

Hand-drawn Map of the School Boundaries, 1932

This hand drawn map lays out the school boundaries from the Farm to Mr. Cedric Cooper's house on County Road (now Noxontown Road); and along the stream and pond borders. Mapmaker is unknown.

Front Lawn

Photo received from John Schoonover ' 63. Picture was taken in the early years of St. Andrew's School by Cortland Schoonover. Mr. Schoonover was the St...

Aerial View of St. Andrew's

This photo was taken sometime during the 1940s. This aerial shot allows you to see the school orchard as well as the strawberry field. Photo was found stuck to a filing cabinet in a science classroom.