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A Naturalist's Notebook

This collection, published in 1993 represents hours of study as part of the course, Art in Biology...

Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: Father and Son, 1984

From Bob Colburn's baseball scrapbook, 1977 - 1986:

A News Journal supplement did a feature on Bob Colburn and his son Bruce, May 10, 1984.

May 20, 1984 - The News Journal covers St. Andrew's win over Cape...

Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: Coach Colburn's 100th Win

From Bob Colburn's baseball scrapbook, 1964-1976:

Newspaper clipping that reports on St. Andrew's loss to Seaford, 1976

April 28, 1976 clipping from the News Journal about Coach Colburn's 100th win at St...

Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: The Brothers Five, 1965

From Bob Colburn's football scrapbook, 1961 - 1968:

The Evening News published an article on November 23, 1965 about St. Andrew's sending 5 players to the All-Star Independent Conference team...

Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: lobbying for Coach Reyner, 1965

From Bob Colburn's football scrapbook, 1961 - 1968:

On November 29, 1965, Matt Zabitka of The Morning News wrote a response to Edward Strong's ('66) objections to Zabitka's prediction that Tower Hill's Jim Garvin would win Coach of the Year over ..

Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: Court's 2nd No Hitter, April 1962

From Bob Colburn's baseball scrapbook, 1961 - 1963:

Clipping from The May 1962 issue of The Cardinal

Clipping from The Morning News, April 11, 1962 -- discusses Larry Court's no hitter.

Clipping from the same Cardinal issue, discussing Larr..

Edith Pell Scrapbook 4 / 1955 - 1963

The last of four scrapbooks kept by Mrs. Pell during Walden Pell's time as Headmaster at the School and which include all manner of St. Andrean news, brochures, letters, announcements, notes, photographs and newspaper clippings...

Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: Football, 1961 - 1968

The attached document is Bob Colburn's personal scrapbook for football, from 1961 until 1968, when he was an assistant coach. The book includes newspaper clippings from The Cardinal and local Delaware newspapers, photos, and stats.