Bob Colburn's Scrapbooks: Colburn ends run as head coach, 1985
From Bob Colburn's football scrapbook, 1969 -1986:

November 19, 1985 - The Morning News reported that John Lyons would replace Bob Colburn as head coach.

An unidentified news outlet also reported Colburn's resignation, while misspelling his name throughout the article.

There is another unidentified article, this one about winning the 1985 Cannon Game. Given the style of the writing, it seems like a St. Andrew's publication. The accompanying photo was taken by Karsten Robbins '88. It could be from The Cardinal, which the St. Andrew's Archive is missing issues from the '85-'86 school year, so it cannot be confirmed at this time.

November 15, 1985 - The News Journal publishes an article about the All-Independent squad, to which Brian Kotz and John Gordy made the team.

November 12, 1985 - In an excerpt from a larger article, The Morning News touted Brian Kotz as the best kicker in the state.