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Collection: Convocation

Convocation 2018 - Giselle Furlonge

Classics teacher Giselle Furlonge '03 was the convocation speaker for the 2018-2019 school year. She tells us about her deep appreciation for Ralph Ellison's book "Invisible Man." Giselle has read this book every summer for the past 15 years...

Convocation 2017 - Will Speers

Associate Head of School and long-time English teacher Will Speers, delivered the 2017 convocation address in Engelhard Hall. Will discussed what it means to be confused and ultimately what you can learn once you've passed that stage...

Convocation 2016 - Ann Taylor

Theatre director and Arts department co-chair Ann Taylor '86 opens up the school year with her convocation, "Focus on the Other." She teaches us how to "be comfortable." She along with dance teacher Avi Gold, go through an exercise that is taught in ..