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Group: Chapel Talks: Philip Walsh

Audio: Chapel Talk, 2017 November 1 / Phil Walsh

Combatting the Single Story - Classics and English teacher Phil Walsh delivers this All Saints Day Chapel Talk on how a review of his recently published book falsely pigeonholed him as a certain kind of person, and how that experience helped him see ..

Chapel Talk, 2023 May 10: On Liberal Education / Philip Walsh

Classics Department Chair Phil Walsh examines the meaning and philosophy of a "Liberal Education" and the School's "distinctive brand" of it, illustrated by way of a collaborative project with Emma Hunter '25, a "case study of liberal education, a co..

Chapel Talk, 2021 April 14: On Being a Classicist / Philip Walsh

In his Chapel Talk, Classics Department Chair Phil Walsh speaks of a colleague who wrote a poem "Memory of a Year with Allusions to the Greeks" where he is a featured "classicist." He then goes on to describe what it means to be a "classicist." Dr...