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Collection: Walden Pell's Drawings

The Mutt Howls

This is one of many in a collection of Walden Pell's drawings/cartoons. This one he titled, "The Mutt Howls." You can see the date in the upper right hand corner is January 20, 1915 - Mr...

Ol' Uncle Hiram

This drawing/cartoon is from the collection of the first headmaster, Walden Pell. Mr. Pell's family has very generously shared his drawings with the School. This particular drawing was created in 1915 when Walden was a mere boy of thirteen.

Full Swing

This is one of many drawings from a collection of Walden Pell's drawings that were so generously given to the School by his daughter Lili. This drawing/cartoon does not bear a date but several of them are dated 1915...