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Collection: Spiritual Life

Photo: Thanksgiving Chapel

Rev. Jay Hutchison conducts the Thanksgiving chapel service, which was held outside due to the pandemic. The weather hit a high of 45 degrees F that day, so it was a bit chilly.

Video: Chapel Talk, 2021 March 17 - IV Form Sermons

This Wednesday night chapel was the first night of the annual presentation of the IV form sermons. This chapel featured Darden Shuman ’23, Will Dulaney ’23, Ibrahim Kazi ’23 & Lily Murphy ’23.

Video: Chapel Talk, 2021 March 10 / Tad Roach

This Wednesday chapel was the first chapel back on campus after the winter virtual term. Head of School Tad Roach expressed his gratitude that the student body was able to come back together for in-person learning. Mr...