Your COVID Stories





The SAS Community is experiencing the uncertainties that coexist with the historic moment of the on-going Covid-19 Pandemic. Our lives have reshaped; for some in minor ways, and for other in considerable ways.


We're all living this pandemic together, but all of our stories are different.


We are living a history that will be examined in the future. What will be known of how we felt, what we saw, how we learned, taught, worked, played?  What will our day-to-day lives reveal to the future of how we were during this time?


Because we believe the pandemic's effects on individuals within the Community warrant documentation, the SAS Archive invites you to share your experiences, to tell your story of living the Covid-19 Pandemic. 


We are collecting digital content that has been either created or saved that relates to your experience: journal entries, emails, photos, artwork - any documentation of your pandemic life. We aim to chronicle the significance of this historic time within the Saints' Community.



Possible Prompts for writing, drawing, photographing, telling your Pandemic Experiences:

To contribute your COVID-19 stories: 

  1. gather your materials to submit;
  2. fill out this short form; and
  3. upload your document or image-file using this Google Form:
COVID Google Form
        Submission Form







This form can only be accessed by those with a current St. Andrew's School account.  If you are of the School Community, and do not have access, please contact us via email to contribute your experiences.



  • Write a letter to your future self.
  • Where have you been living?
  • How has media played a role in your pandemic life?
  • What is daily life like for you now?
  • How are your family members doing?
  • What do you miss most about your pre-pandemic life?
  • Do you see any good coming out of this moment?
  • How are you handling taking online classes?

By completing this from you are allowing the St. Andrew's School Archives to preserve and make your content accessible to site visitors.




The following websites have been instrumental in helping us shape our own SAS project: