This collection contains material related to the academics of the school. Included are copies of the curriculum, information and plans for individual departments, evaluations of the school, records of materials used in classrooms, history of the Academic prizes, samples of individual syllabi and convocation and commencement materials.

Administrative History

Included in this collection are records of the founding of the School;materials pertaining to the Board of Trustees; records from Admissions including enrollment materials and publications (brochures, catalogs, viewbooks, handbooks); Annual Reports; files, correspondence and other items pertaining to the founding and administering of the school.

Alumni Works

This collection contains records from or about alumni which have a direct relation to the School or are of significance to an alum’s career. Included in this collection are scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, memorabilia, articles, thesis, books and works of art.



This collection contains rosters, photographs, clippings, schedules, memorabilia, prizes and all material related to the School’s Athletics Program, as well as any records and related items pertaining to the School’s Alternative to Athletics Program.


This collection contains materials including records, brochures, programs, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia that pertain to School events such as, anniversary celebrations, art openings, dedications, guest speakers, recitals, theater productions and events held during the School’s special weekends (Arts Weekend, Dance Weekend, Parents Weekend, Lessons & Carols).

Faculty and Staff

This collection contains records of issues of interest to the faculty and staff, materials from faculty and staff meetings, related information, talks, photographs of individuals, and works by or about the faculty and staff.


St. Andrew’s School has had four Headmasters: Walden Pell II, Robert M. Moss, John D. O’Brien and Daniel T. Roach. This collection contains records, items, photographs, correspondence, files and other items pertaining to the Headmasters, as well as publications put out by the Headmaster’s Office.

Land and Campus

This collection contains records, plans and photographs of school buildings and residences. It also includes any related items pertaining to the School’s campus, including records of its grounds, farmlands and Noxontown Pond.


This collection includes student publications such as the yearbook, student newspapers, and the literary magazine. It includes alumni newsletters, as well as School publications that are not Admissions publications. Outside publications that pertain directly to the School are included in this collection as well.

School Services

This collection contains materials pertaining to the service aspect of the School, including the Bookstore, the Health Center (not including the individual’s health records), Dining Services, Transportation, Security, College Counseling, and the Laundry.

Special Collections

Special Collections are distinct collections that have been contributed to the School Archive. Included here are the Edith Pell Scrapbooks, files from the Episcopal School Foundation, records of the making of the film Dead Poet’s Society, the Gun Collection, and the Natural History Museum, among others.

Spiritual Life

The Chapel and the Chapel Program of the School are integral parts of St. Andrew’s life and history. This collection contains materials pertaining to the Chapel Program, and includes items, photographs, personal effects and records from the School Chaplains, Chapel Ceremonies (such as ordinations, baptisms and memorials) and Chapel Talks.

Student Arts

This collection contains materials pertaining to the arts programs of the school encompassing the visual arts, theatrical productions and musical performances, and which include photographs, programs, memorabilia and other related materials.

Student Life

This collection contains materials related to residential life, clubs, activities, student government and community service, and includes photographs, memorabilia, programs, correspondence and other related materials.