Steve Baldwin '55 - Part 4: Bill Cameron, Guiding Beacon
Stephen C. Baldwin
The last story of 4 that Steve Baldwin '55 relates in his account for the 2010 St. Andrew's Reunion Weekend Story Corps Project. In this last segment, Stephen tells of how he was "probably the most miserable person who passed through St. Andrew's." Bill Cameron was the "one guiding beacon" in his experience at the School. Stephen relates how he was bullied and beaten up. After one particularly cruel event, Stephen recalls Cameron's actions: "He stuck up for me. And of course, I worshiped him for that." Stephen also recalls Cameron's English seminar with great fondness, "because he had wonderful understanding and delicate sensibility when it came to great literature." Stephen says Cameron "made a life-long imprint on me. I admired him for having the consistency and integrity to stand up for someone to whom great injustice had been done."