St. Andrew's School Magazine, 2013 Spring
This issue takes us inside campus life in a variety of ways. Faculty members share the books on education, teaching, parenting and life that inspire them. There is a minute-by-minute snapshot of a typical Thursday afternoon School meeting. Chef Ray Strawley and the rest of the SAGE dining services team discuss the challenges of feeding 1,100 meals per day. Faculty members recommend the books that inspire them as teachers, parents, and people. Will Speers and Tad Roach blog about teaching and learning at St. Andrew's. Wilson Everhart's Chapel talk on "Fathers and Sons" is reprinted, along with photos of campus fathers and sons and reflections on the education of boys by Headmaster Tad Roach. Chris Childers speaks about the poetry of George Herbert. The Crossroads Campaign reaches 99% of its goal. The issue also includes a non-fiction essay by Alexander McIlvaine ’14 an article by James Jenkins ’98 about food justice and sustainability. Tad Roach offers a eulogy for Michael Schuller. The issue also commemorates George Cumpston ’36, Charles Kallman ’43, William Hobart ’45, Robert Herring ’54, Tyler Knapp ’63, Peter Wood ’69 and former faculty Alexander Ogilby.