St. Andrew's School Magazine, 2012 Spring
This special double issue looks back on a busy spring and summer 2012. The feature article explores the legacy and impacts of financial aid at St. Andrew's and includes contributions by Emily Grohs ’12 and Jennifer Walcott ’01 on how the School has shaped their views on educational equity. The issue also marks the School's 79th Commencement, including remarks by student Co-Presidents Ike Amakiri and Emily Grohs, both ’12, and the Address by Elizabeth Cahill P ’11, 12. At Commencement, Joyce Nelson and John Higgins are honored for their years of service as they retire, and Eric Kemer and Dave DeSalvo receive 25 year Anniversary Headmasters Medals. A group of 18 students, led by faculty Ana Ramirez and Dave DeSalvo, travel to Nicaragua with Al Campo International, a service learning company run by Tim Gibb ’90. Faculty member Jory Kahan speaks about "Perseverance" and Tad Roach offers a sermon at Old St. Anne's. Many other campus events and visitors from the spring are recapped. In the classroom, sophomores write sermons, students study literature in translation, film studies inspires student creativity, and seniors pursue topics in depth during tutorials. Modern language faculty suggest books to read. Dr. Harvey Johnson discusses his career and his decision to return to St. Andrew's to teach. The issue includes a short story by Chaitanya Singhania ’12 and poems by Lisa Jacques ’12 and Alec Hill ’12. Fifteen pages of photographs offer a spring arts retrospective. Alumni enjoy "Coast to Coast Toasts" all over the world and celebrate Reunion Weekend on campus. In Memory honors Franklin Hawkins ’35, Edwin Sibert ’38, Thomas Ashton ’39, Layton Ayres ’42, Robert Thompson ’49, Norris Hasleton ’54, Albert Peirce ’55, Arthur LaGrone ’64, Rutherford Romaine ’65, Rusty Food ’65 and the Reverend Canon Simon Mein.