St. Andrew's School Magazine, 2009 Fall / 2010 Winter
This issue of the St. Andrew's Magazine features alumni in the military and includes perspectives from Richard Hutton '01, Matt Bowman '01, David Patterson '00, Nelson Keyser '98, John Craighill '97, James Borghardt '89, J.R. Parsons '96 and Jay Hudson '77. Susie Gurzendra '09 teaches in Tanzania and Jeff Lilley '82 promotes democracy in Afghanistan. St. Andrew's launches the Women's Network. The issue also includes photos and updates from a busy fall on campus, including Parents Weekend, a production of "Strange Boarders," and fall sports seasons. Seniors Dan Hasse '10 and Devin Duprey '10 are profiled. Chef Ray Strawley discusses feeding the St. Andrew's community and faculty members John McGiff and Emily Pressman describe their sabbatical and leave of absence, respectively. Jennifer O'Neill gives the Convocation talk and Mike Hyde is profiled. Numerous alumni are remembered: David Harris '38, John Wason '39, Harding Hughes '41, Davis Platt '41, George Fowle '42, Noel Dalton '43, Ronald Berlack '46, Peter Kelly '52, William Brumbach '54, Linn Tompkins '76, Brett Trader '76 and William H. Cameron.