St. Andrew's School Magazine, 2008 Winter
This edition of the St. Andrew's Magazine features several alumni/ae as well as current students and faculty. The front cover features running back Taylor Brown '08 as he runs through Princeton Day's defense. Inside are chapel talks by headmaster Tad Roach and history teacher/crew coach Lindsay Brown. An update of the campus plan by trustee and alum Tim Peters '66. In the classroom section features Mark Hammond and Kelly O'Shea's physics classes as they explored the physical properties of an egg. Alums Michael Hindle '88, Lindsay Payne '01 and Nick Kinsey '01 are featured in their elements, painting, swimming and music respectively. Long time school drivers, Bruce and Jane Murray discuss shuttling students, faculty and prospective faculty and students. Student profiles feature Beth Martin '09 and Theo DuBose '08 and a faculty profile of art teacher John McGiff is also included. In memory pays tribute to Charles Mifflin '36, John Parry '37, Charles Murphy, Jr. '38 and Mark Brathwaite '98. Student photography section features Louise Dufresne '09 and the back cover portrays the annual carol shout.