Road Trip
This photo was identified by Andrew Ringle '66 and Woody Woodruff '60. Andrew writes: "I remember some of these boys as the fifth and sixth formers of my third form year, 1962-63. My guess would be that this picture was taken one or two years earlier. From front to back on the left: Dick Knight '64, Dick Shoemaker '63, Eric Burkett '63 and George Shuster '63. Back row, left to right: Dick Buckaloo '63, unidentified, Mr. Broadbent '41, unidentified. From back to front on the right: unidentified, unidentified, Dexter Chapin '63, unidentified, Reggie Baldwin '64. Woody Woodruff '60 saw this photo on Irene duPont Library's Facebook page and indentified as follows: "On the bus! Second seat on the right, the tall youngun is probably Dexter Chapin '63. Possible Steamer Walke sighting, rear sight on right? Next to him a master named Broadbent, I think."