Report of the Special Committee to Consider Coeducation at St. Andrew's School
Special Committee to Consider Coeducation - Trapnell, Laird, Prickett
At a June 15, 1972 Board of Trustees meeting, a committee of members Trapnell, Laird and Prickett was authorized to study coeducation at St. Andrew's. The report was presented at the following B.O.T. meeting. In the appointed Special Committee states in its report that it "feels strongly that St. Andrews's must quickly adopt coeducation....and assumes that the Board will ultimately find that coeducation is desirable and [will focus] on the methods of implementation." The report relays a sense of urgency in moving forward: "...no time should be lost in implementing a plan....[the Committee] strongly recommends that the Headmaster be given the specific mandate to explore as quickly as possible" the course to proceed in making St. Andrew's a coeducational institution.