Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1956 - 1957
Walden Pell II
Full Title: St. Andrew's School, Middletown, Delaware / An Address, a Sermon and a Report by the Headmaster and a Report by the Scholastic Committee of the Alumni Council / 1956 - 1957

The first part of this report is the "Remarks of the Headmaster at the Dedication of the New Wing from October 14, 1956". Walden Pell proclaims many times over his happiness with the New Wing: "To me this building is fabulous, and I still pinch myself every time I see it or hear its chimes drifting out over the countryside." Pell is jubilant in his description of the building, of the craftsmen who worked on it, of the people who made it possible to build.

The second part of the booklet is "A Sermon by the Headmaster given on Palm Sunday and Founder's Day 1957" in which Reverend Pell announces his retirement.

The third part of the booklet is the "Report of the Headmaster of St. Andrew's School to the Trustees of the Episcopal Church School Foundation June 28, 1957". Details of the report include: report of death and tribute to trustee Walter Laird; the dearth of spectator seating; first full-time athletic director hired, and other personnel changes; in-depth notes on alumni news; student demographics. A lengthy summarization of the Middle States evaluation is included here, along with the School response to each area addressed by the evaluation; a plan for curricular enrichment is outlined as well. Other notes: Chapel Program changes; summer campus use; close to a 4-page listing of gifts received. In conclusion, Pell lays out three items regarding the future of St. Andrew's as he bids farewell to the Board.

The fourth part of the booklet is an addendum, a 6-page "Report of the Scholastic Committee of the Alumni Council on the Irene duPont Library" along with 205 books on a "want list" for the Library. The report relates the SAS library history, gives advice as to instruction, and is concerned with incorporating the Library resources into the School's curricula.