Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1952 - 1953
Walden Pell II
Excerpts from the Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees, 1952-53.

Rev. Pell's opens his report on the 23rd year of the school with recording the death of charter trustee J. Thompson Brown. Pell relays his travels with his wife Edith to England in the summer.

Plant, Equipment and Finances report notes projects and purchases including: Trunk Room shelving; lighting improvements; the "Bailing Room" converted to classroom; Chapel ceiling acoustics treatment.

Personnel notes include details on: retirements, resignations, replacements of faculty and staff; faculty sabbaticals. Alumni and Fathers' Club notes include: formation of the Alumni Council and its objectives; 2nd Alumni War Memorial Scholar Jean Germain Orizet; Peter M. Brown '40 recipient of Alumni Award for Outstanding Public Service; commencement awards; college matriculations; renaming of Malcom Ford Scholarship; establishment of Harold Curtice Amos Natural History Prize, and of the Norris S. Haselton Scholarship.

Enrollment and Curriculum notes include: student demographics and academic "potential"; establishment of a chapter of the Cum Laude Society; vocational aptitude tests; individualized adjustment of schedules to lessen loss of classroom hours due to athletic contests; Middle States accreditation thru to 1957.

Library report includes a tribute to student librarian Walter Liefeld '54 as ably taking over the Library duties during librarian's Mr. Campbell's sabbatical, and then after his death.

Discipline, Jobs and Health notes include: study of disciplinary ratings; 1/2 hour devoted daily to jobs considered good investment.

Athletic notes include: golf interest; Dartmouth and Red Cross using Noxontown Pond and crew resources; Work Squad noted as best in years.

Activities and School Government notations include: automotive workshop; "Life With Father" performed; trip to Washington allowed for meeting with Vice-President Nixon; affiliation with Ramallah school continued; labor camp conditions surveyed; School Government committees enumerated; revision of School Handbook completed.

Chapel report details include a reference to install a $15,000 Holtkamp organ.

Many gifts received are acknowledged and enumerated, notably: a silver tray from the Fathers' Club; the first spadeful of earth excavated at the School from Mrs. A. Felix duPont; a collection of carved objects, jewelry and ornaments from Bethlehem and Jerusalem, given by the Ramallah Boys' Friends School; a bronze bell for the Dining Room.

Rev. Pell concludes with anticipation of the 25th Anniversary of the School, and with a hope that the New Wing will at least be begun by then.