Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1951 - 1952
Walden Pell II
Excerpts from the Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees, 1951-52

Rev. Pell opens this report on the state of the 22nd year of the School by proclaiming it to be "one of our happiest and most successful."

Plant, equipment, finances: "It was an expensive year" [pg. 2]; new Pension Plan enthusiastically received; purchases made and projects completed (Gaul Hall, T-Dock, outdoor rifle range, dorm furnishings, lighting study, History Corridor display units, Ozalid copying machine); School bus damage; New Wing necessity remains constant.

Farm notes: Manager Samuel De Boer; under UD recommendation the farm converted to "high grade dairy farm"; improvements, purchases, finances, herd details catalogued. Middletown "agricultural revolution" discussed.

Personnel notes include: resignation of business manager "Pat" Schoonover and replacement Norman Thornton; "radical reorganization of the kitchen"; switchboard operations; faculty summer school; death of Dan Holder; faculty children over 4 years old may eat in the dining room.

Alumni report details include: commencement, deaths, meetings and election notes; Alumni Award for Outstanding Public Service recipient William Day Scott, Jr., '34.

Enrollment and Curriculum report includes: student demographics; scholastic achievements; college matriculations; Middle States interim report prepared; Fortune Magazine Essay contest; generational concerns regarding sex, alcohol, military service addressed. Library, Discipline, and Health details reported on. The Athletic report notes the inclusion of non-football activities: volleyball, tennis, campus projects.

Activities and School Government report include the noted success of the Student Activities Committee (SAC); the completion of the revision of the School Government (School Meeting supplants Student Vestry as highest vote - Student Vestry strictly concerned with religious life); Student Government committee composition; affiliation with Friends Boys' School in Ramallah, Jordan.

Chapel report notes include: attendance; hope for pipe organ; a review of the School's religious instruction

Gifts are acknowledged and catalogued (notably a silver coffee urn gifted from the Fathers' Club for the Faculty).

In conclusion Rev. Pell quotes extensively from a statement drawn up by the Faculty, "The Purposes and Responsibilities of St. Andrew's School".