Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1950 - 1951
Walden Pell II
Excerpts from the Report given to the Board of Trustees on the state of the School by Walden Pell II.

Rev. Pell opens his report comparing the School to a ship riding the seas of world events, buffeted, notably in this year, by the Korean War.

Details on buildings and property include: building of Gaul Hall; dormitories refurbishment; Founders basement renovation; Manual Training Shop as a hobby workroom; classrooms reconditioned and sound-conditioned; post-war rehabilitation of faculty housing completion; farm notes (harvester added, dairy herd and milk production details); water supply inspected; dining hall bell; wiring of time-control system for bells; school posted as game refuge; "500 slips of Rosa multiflora planted"; birds banded; surrounding roads information (proposed superhighway to pass near school).

Financials: 1936 Pension Plan revised; operating budget increased due to wages and salaries increases, addition of Social Security, and increasing cost of food; consideration of tuition rise; recommend upgrade to dormitories.

Personnel notes: John N. MacInnes resignation felt as tremendous loss - Davis Washburn '44 to be successor; summer classes for faculty; faculty and staff wives operate switchboard.

Alumni information includes: 1st recipient of Alumni War Memorial Scholarship Fund (from Greece); enumeration of college successes; tabulation of questionnaire results (disappointment conveyed that a third of 249 graduates replying regularly attend church - hoping to identify failures within the Chapel Program); Alumni Award for Outstanding Public Service, Chester E. Baum Jr., '36.

Enrollment, curriculum, extracurricular notes: student demographics; college matriculations; work of Academic Eligibility Committee proved helpful; class schedule altered to avoid conflict with games; sex-education ameliorated; greater use of A/V aids; Noxontown Museum. Establishment of the Student Activities Committee is discussed in detail.

Chapel Program, Athletics (riding program discontinued), Discipline, Library, Health reports for the year relayed. Insurance for health and loss of tuition carried by most parents. Lengthy accounting of function and operation of Student government. Gifts enumerated, notably two athletic prizes founded and funded: Mamo Wrestling Prize, Dodson Baseball Prize.

In conclusion, Rev. Pell compares the independent school experience to the public school experience. He avers that the measure of the St. Andrew's education success will be in how the School contributes overall to the success of secondary education.