Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1948 - 1949
Walden Pell II
Alternate title: Excerpts from the Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees, 1948-49.

19th Year of School's founding. Rev. Pell reports it to have been a happy, successful year. Portrait of Founder by Fred White, dedicated April 14, Founder's Day.

Details of property and grounds report includes: Davis Staats as General Forman is exemplary; laundry building authorized for construction; heating system overhauled; property and road item repairs, equipment purchases enumerated; budgetary savings of over $11K realized. Farm study conducted by the University of Delaware, in looking towards a solid income-producing farm. Strip of land sold to the State; Corbit Mansion in Odessa sold.

Personnel report includes details on the sudden death of head school nurse Betty Tillotson [who had also been - Pell notes - composer of song hits ("Let Me Call You Sweetheart", "You Are My Sunshine")]. Faculty notes include: British Exchange teacher John Maples, Rev. Kenneth Clarke, Blackburn Hughes, James Ten Broeck, George Broadbent '41, Rev. Ernest Hoyt, Coerte Voorhees. Melissa Pell married John Schuyler Thomson.

Alumni notes detail: annual meeting, and other gatherings; War Memorial Fund; 16th Commencement (speaker Dean Francis Godolphin); college matriculations; alumni college success report; deaths of John Wesley Strothman '47, Horst Roloff. Father's Club gathering reported.

Curriculum: Zoology added; evaluation of Sex Education; Remedial Reading Program advances. Library, Discipline, Jobs and Health details given; Job System aided by adding a Job Praefect; running water added to Health Office, as are partitions.

On Athletics, details include: congratulations from Headmaster of St. Alban's School on sportsmanship displayed; new squash tournament established (Hampton Barnes); Crew's King's Cup Race close match and loss noted; Interscholastic Yacht Races at Annapolis.

Activities periods established for programs/clubs. "We Rileys" performed.

Chapel program notes include: details on visiting preachers; Student Vestry donations; Headmaster's outside obligations.

Gifts enumerated and acknowledged.

In Conclusion, Rev. Pell again iterates the importance of building the proposed New Wing.