Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1946 - 1947
Walden Pell II
Alternate title: "Excerpts from the Report of the Headmaster given to the Board of Trustees / 1946-47" on the state of the School by Walden Pell II report on the state of the School.

Remarks open noting the school's War recovery, and gratitude expressed to the Founder, the Donor (Mrs. Irenee duPont), and the Board. The death of John O. Platt, charter member of the Board, donor of portraits, is reported as are illnesses of A. Felix duPont, Bishop McKinstry, Allan Henry.

Details on faculty housing, repairs, road work, purchases, the restoration of "soft" water. Farm report includes excellent crop income (wheat, corn, soy beans). Salary increases for faculty and staff. A spring absence for Rev. Pell. Faculty resignations, and the hiring of William H. Amos noted. A challenging year for kitchen staffing.

Notes on Alumni include: first Alumnus wedding in Chapel; War Memorial Scholarship Fund; German exchange students.

The Scholarship of the class of 1947 detailed, noted as exceptional; College admissions report. Middle States evaluation undertaken, recommendations to broaden the school experience is noted.

Student health report: "Sulfa and serobacterin treatment" credited for over-all health, along with Army A and B type flu vaccines. Athletic notes: sailing, squash, ad-hoc Track squad, one-hole golf course development, only one day of skating.

Extracurriculars: printing costs curtail publications, "Andrean" suspended; Glee Club named "The Noxentooners"; "Room Service" presented by the Criss-Cross drama club; trips to plays, synagogue, the Ford Plant.

Further reports: Chapel check-in set in place; camp buildings in disrepair; gifts detailed. In conclusion, Rev. Pell writes of the "One World" concept, and describes the School's committed attempts to practice such, through adopting a French School, teaching exchanges.