Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1943 - 44
Walden Pell II
Report given to the Board of Trustees on the state of the School by Walden Pell, II. This report opens with comparing this year's School difficulties with "the drag period" of the War. Faculty summary details leave of absences, duties, births and marriages. British guests of the Pells, Mrs. Frederick King and family, returned to England after 3 years as war refugees.

Update on buildings and grounds include improvements made to dormitories and fields, termite infestation. Staff summary details shortages, exceptional dining and laundry services.

Student health, matriculations, enrollment, demographics, discipline and expulsions relayed. Smoking rules changed. Scholastically, Military Science modified, Current Events and Remedial Reading important. Athletics program added an outside coach for first time (Louis Mandes, stone mason). Recreation program included the play "The Canterville Ghost". Religious programs reported on. Conferences hosted; summer use of the campus by outside groups noted.

The Richard David Cooper Memorial to be installed in the Chapel. Library report includes circulation and student volunteer data.

Other items addressed: visit by Dr. duPont; gifts and donations to the school, notably by the Founder and the Donor (Mrs. Irenee duPont), and for the Malcolm Ford Scholarship; alumni casualties (10 Gold Star alumni); creation of Malcolm Ford Scholarship; discussion of future projects post-war.