Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1942
Walden Pell II
"The school year began slowly and heavily..." so starts the June 1942 Headmaster's Report given to the Board of Trustees on the state of the School by Walden Pell, II.

Report details include: the death of Stephen Foley, Sr.; faculty and alumni involved in the war effort; the particulars of, the costs of, and delights experienced because of the New Auditorium and the new school bus; student health (streptococcus epidemic, sulpha drug administrations); departure of Mr. Hillier for war, Mr. Voorhees for sabbatical, and Miss Miller to the Pacific.

The School's use and its community's service in wartime is detailed, as are alumni contributions in the armed forces. Student demographics (131 boys); discipline record noted. Criss-Cross Club performed "Three Taps at Twelve". Publications, School Bank, School Band, and Library details noted.

Academic notes: 2nd Form split into a class of "virtual 1st Formers" due to the youth of the boys. Two academic studies conducted: Registrar Dept. surveyed marking practices; UPenn's Mr. E.D. Grizzel greatly aided in the focus and development of curriculum planning. Wartime Curriculum Committee of the Faculty established. Adaptation to School's program to be made on basis of war necessity. Dr. Pell discusses Church schools' role in wartime

Part 2: October 23, 1942 begins: "Any report on the opening of the School's thirteenth year must begin with the summer before it. Gone was the usual calm and quiet of peacetime summers at St. Andrew's."

A succession and continuum of summer activities and events are related. Reports on demographics of student body (130 boys); faculty news; staffing changes; shortages. Death of Cedric Cooper's son - David Richard "Dicky" Cooper - in Noxontown Pond related. Aircraft Warning Service and farm production noted. Curriculum addresses war demands: more math and science, offered, military science, pre-pilot aviation, elementary navigation, and drilling with the Delaware State Guard. St. Andrew's Father's Club (1941) events noted. Handbook Committee established.