Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1940
Walden Pell II
Complete Title: "REPORT of the HEADMASTER to the BOARD OF TRUSTEES and ADDRESSES and REPORT at the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the DEDICATION of ST. ANDREW'S SCHOOL, Middletown, Delaware and the TWENTIETH ANNIVERSARY of the CONSECRATION of PHILIP COOK, Fourth Bishop of Delaware"

Report given to the Board of Trustees on the state of the School by Walden Pell, II.

A multi-part report, the first part given June 17, 1940. Discussed are the memorials given in honor of Charles Turner (pine trees, plaque) and Richard Hamilton Richardson (water fountain and benches). The Bishop Cook's Memorial Pulpit design, funding and dedication plans are discussed. Student demographics (115 boys), increase of enrollment and tuition classes discussed. Further details include: suspension of German Exchange plan; revision of Disciplinary System; spring dance cancellation (chicken pox); "The Importance of Being Earnest" performed; School Band development; pond skating. Athletic highlights: Undefeated football team (the "Boilermakers"); King's Crew Cup won; Six Man Football success; Turner Tennis Cup tournament. Infirmary record and Library report given. Religious life report includes: student confirmation and baptisms; establishment of Sunday School for Faculty children; Rule of Law drawn up. Rev. Pell talks of the amusing appearance of "Whuppers (or, Wuppers as per a 1940 Cardinal issue) . Middle Atlantic States "Co-operative Study" conducted, and an Alumni religious practices questionnaire commissioned in preparation of the 10th Anniversary.

Part 2 of the report consists of the Rev. Pell's remarks at the Memorial Dedication for Richard H. Richardson. October 12, 1940

Part 3 of the report is the sermon given at the dedication of Philip Cook Memorial Pulpit. October 13, 1940

Part 4 of the report is the School's Decennial report, given October 13, 1940. Rev. Pell reminisces about the School Dedication, reads of Bishop Cook's record of achievements, remarks on the 10th Anniversary booklet edited by Mr. Cameron. An extensive report on the findings of the Cooperative Study of Secondary School Standards, a self-evaluative study, is given on the following aspects of the School: Pupil Population and Community; Curriculum; Pupil Activity Program; Library; Guidance; Instruction; Results; Staff; Plant; Chapel.