Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1933 - 34
Walden Pell, II
The second report given to the Board of Trustees on the state of the School by Walden Pell, II.

Comments and details on: building progress of the Annex, Headmaster's house, Boat House; severe winter weather; grounds plantings. Reports on the Farm maintenance, livestock, crops, milk yields. Personnel additions include Cortlandt Schoonover as Secretary and Office Manager. Student body demographics (75 boys).

Curriculum details include: science courses changes, history and religion courses taught in tandem, foreign language and math offerings; piano and choir. Academics testing: Educational Records Bureau examinations results showed improvement; College Entrance Examination Board.

Extracurriculars: concert given by Hampton Quartette (led by Mr. Ketcham); Criss-Cross theatre club established and lauded for its production of "The Haunted House"; school trips, dances, athletics detailed. Discussion of a gymnasium: severity of weather, and accreditation concerns highlight the need. Student health, demerits reported on; faculty news; religious life.