Report of the Headmaster to the Board of Trustees / 1933
Walden Pell II
This report from the Headmaster details the third year of the School's operation. The planting program and the Farm are discussed along with the policy of protecting all wildlife. College Board results, scholastic evaluations and achievement tests are mentioned. Discussion of a library for the students and usage of the Headmaster's Study. Extracurricular activities were addressed such as, The Scientific Society, The Dramatic Club, The Glee Club. Political meetings were held before the Presidential Election and were well attended by outsiders. The athletic season was a challenging one and the interest in rowing increased. A yacht club was formed this year and many of the races were held at SAS. The health of the students is discussed in depth mentioning the number of cases of tonsillitis, colds, intestinal grippe and their weight. Also noted are Chapel events and religious philosophy of the School and the addition of Daniel Holder to the faculty. The moving of the sixth formers to a suite of five rooms over the kitchen will take place in the fall.