Playbill: "The Pirates of Penzance (or, The Slave of Duty)" / February 23, 2013
Book: W.S. Gilbert / Music: Arthur Sullivan
Presented by The St. Andrew's Theatre. Actors: Brandt Bates, Jeremy Brown-Adams, Charlotte Cece, Moniher Deb, Mr. Dave DeSalvo, Mason Dufresne, Jessie Duncanm Sam Fox, Martin French, Mr. Terence Gilheany, Matthew Gore, Lily Hain, Megan Hasse, Mr. Michael Hyde, Taylor Jaffe, Kat Kornegay, Bella Lilly, Rachel Lurker, Daniel Maguire, Mr. Joshua Meier, Evan Merriwether, Mr. Dave Myers, Dia Nikoi, Alphonso Ramirez, Mr. Will Robinson, James Seiler, Ramsey Shindell, Mr. Will Speers, Mr. Tolly Taylor, Emoni Tedder, Hunter Thompson, Mary Buford Turnage, TJ on Oehsen. Production Staff: Mrs. Ann Taylor, Mr. Peter Hoopes, Mr. Avi Gold, Ms. Quinn Kerrane, Mr. Dave McKelvey, Jack Flynn, Ysabel Coss, Eunice Song, Allison Wendt, Bay George, Nick Manning, Oriana Pando, Mrs. Roberta Connolly. Orchestra: Mr. Peter Hoopes, Susannah Donoho, Aaron Chang, John Suh, Mr. Fred Geiersbach, Will Bowditch, Aija Cave, Kieran Conaway, Clara Lee, Duncan Covell, Ms. Diana Burk, Ms. Elizabeth Stevens, Jay Lee, Ms. Kelly O'Shea, Ted Park, John Parrish.