Playbill: "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" / Winter Musical performed February 2004
Words by Tim Rice. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Presented by The St. Andrew's Theatre; produced by special arrangement with Rodgers & Hammerstein Theatre Library. Actors: Amanda Purcell, Sam Baroody, Rachel Chen, Ben Kemer, Peyton Coles, Peter Zimmerman, Sarah Unger, Ashby Hardesty, Zach Yap, Claire Teigland, Sallie Wright Milam, Sue Jean Koh, Paul Harland-White, Chad Shahan, Natalie Stewart, Anne Horn, Antonia Clark, Betty Cox, Nathalie Gonzalez, Alicia Repeczky, Kathryn Steele, Blair Swift, Chessie daParma, Emily Crawford, Ashley Hart, Sara duPont, Brook Jackling, Katie Lilliard, Steve Coupet, Teddy Rogers, Danny Falciani, Eric Martin, Jim Kane, Ben Dalton, Maggie Bryan, Joan Payson, Marti Dumas, Courtney Meis, Betsy Parkinson, Jessica Crawley, Fitz Barth, Andrew Forsthoefel, Ashley Holbrook, Dana Daugherty, Peyton Newquist, Will Vega-Brown, Micah Levinson. Production Staff: Director/Designer - Ann McTaggart; Choreographer - Nancy Barton; Vocal Music Director - Marc F. Cheban; Instrumental Music Director - Fred Geiersbach; Emily Pressman, Laney Smith, Sophia Fleischer, Allison Stewart, Julia Donaldson, Fletcher McTaggart, Nik Karbelnikoff, Carl Hayden, Khai Wisler, Anthony Timberman, Donny Duffy, Sean Gerstley. Orchestra: Fred Geiersbach, Marc F. Cheban, Ed Cuervo, Ashley Panichelli, Stephanie Pfeiffer, David Agia, Nik Karbelnikoff, John Wang, Peter Hoopes. Golden chariot courtesy of the Beblo family.