Playbill: "H.M.S. Pinafore" / Winter Musical performed February 2003
W.S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan
Presented by The St. Andrew's Theatre; produced by special arrangement with Rodgers & Hammerstein. Actors: John Allen, Peyton Coles, Sam Baroody, Micah Levinson, Peter Zimmerman, Chad Shahan, Margaret Hoffecker, Sarah Unger, Amanda Purcell, Jenn Wilson, Laney Smith, Claire Teigland, Peyton Newquist, Nathalie Gonzalez, Anne Horn, Sallie Wright Milam, Katie Myers, Ziza Craig, Joan Payson, Kathryn Steele, Brook Jackling, Liz Tooze, Ashby Hardesty, Ben Kemer, Teddy Rogers, Anthony Timberman, Fitz Barth, Steve Coupet, Danny Falciani, Paul Harland-White. Production Staff: Director/Designer - Ann McTaggart; Assistant Director - Amy Patterson; Vocal Director - Marc F. Cheban; Sue Jean Koh, Alex Hendrickson, Nik Karbelnikoff, Khai Wisler. Orchestra: Fred Geiersbach, Marc F. Cheban, Taylor Wilson-Hill, Christina Tonian, Mark Kavulich, Jennifer Cuervo, Kyu Bin Lee, Gabriela Tomlinson, Ken Taganajan, David Agia, Ed Cuervo, Hen Kennedy, Andy Wolfe, Elaine Erdely, Ashley Panichelli, David Miller, Peter Hoopes, Nik Karbelnikoff, Don-Hun Lee.