The Mural / N. C. Wyeth
N. C. Wyeth
The following history of the mural comes from Reverend Pell's book on the history of St. Andrew's School*: "The most spectacular adornment to the School was the heroic mural (pronounced 'muriel' by some of the employees) covering the east end of the Dining Room wall. It took the artist, Mr. N. C. Wyeth...two years to complete it in his Wilmington studio and affix it to its present location.

"The right side is a grouping of very good portraits, done from an hour's sitting and a photo of each of the early trustees and the Headmaster. The artist studied the men carefully, even attending part of a trustee's meeting, for the purpose, and caught them in characteristic poses. In the background are some of the great English cathedrals, showing the definite Anglican inspiration of the School. The Founder, backed by Bishop cook, is looking toward the realization of this dream on the other side.

"The left side shows students in various athletic and everyday garb gathered around Alma Mater. Rumors that Mrs. Irenee du Pont, who donated the mural, was the model for this handsome lady were rife but groundless."

The following description of the mural is found in the same book* with a colored template of the painting: "Left Side: Alma Mater, surrounded by students of the School in front of the Main Building. Right Side: The Trustees and Headmaster planning the school, against a background of the English cathedrals, representing the Anglican Church tradition. Left to right: Allan J. Henry, Walter J. Laird, Hon. Richard s. Rodney, Rev. Walden Pell II, John O. Platt, A. Felix du Pont, J. Thompson Brown, Rt. Rev. Philip Cook, Henry Belin du Pont, Caleb S. Layton.

The mural was dedicated in October, 1938.

*Pell, Walden, II, . A History of Saint Andrew's School at Middletown, Delaware: 1928 / 1958. 1st ed. New York, New York: Clarkson N. Potter, Inc., 1973. 118-19. Print.