"A Look at a Great Boarding School Faculty" / Will Speers - St. Andrew's School Magazine, Spring 2005
William S. Speers
This article by Will Speers, was written for the Spring 2005 issue of the St. Andrew's Magazine. Will joined St. Andrew's in 1979 as a teacher of English and coach of boys' soccer and squash. Will has also taught Religious Studies, advisor to the Andrean and is now Dean of Faculty. In his essay, Will writes about the everyday life of a boarding school teacher. The experiences of teaching by living and as he says "The final hallmark of the St. Andrew's faculty is that it has always witnessed teaching as something far more than a job." Faculty members John Austin '83, Eric Kemer, John McGiff, Emily Pressman, Nathan Costa and John Burk (former physics teacher), all contribute to this article as well as alumnae that have become SAS faculty, Stacey Williams Duprey '85 and Allison Thomas-Rose '96.