Jonathan B. O'Brien Selected Chapel Talks
Jon O'Brien
This collection of Headmaster Jon O'Brien's chapel talks was compiled and presented to him at his retirement celebration. The talks cover the years from 1982 through 1997.
His reflections cover a lot of topics from the environment, peer pressure, education, moral versus natural ecology, work ethic, christianity, chapel programs, sexual harassment, equal rights for women, a decline in our nation of a sense of the common good, parenting, taking risks, individuality, eastern shore, Maryland, retirement, character development, the culture of boarding schools.
The titles of the talks are as follows: A Choice to Teach; A Kinder Gentler Place; Against Madison Avenue; Clearing the Mind; Joys of the Term; Molding our Minds; On Individuality; Rotary Club Remarks; Such are the Joys; Taking Chances; The Object is Faith; The Solace of Nature; There is a Season; Three Hopes; What the Future Holds; Who is Raising our Children.