IV Form Sermons I - 2008
Video tapes of the fourth form Religious Studies sermons. The students verses are from the Old and New Testament. The following students sermons can be found on this video tape: Kira Neiderhoffer '10, Nancy Holmes '10, Nancy Kim '10, Garrett Hart '10, Tilden Davis '10, Molly Miller '10, and Matt Gamber '10. Kaley Hanrahan '10 introduces Nancy Holmes' '10 sermon by reading the passage from the Bible, Matthew Chapter 21:21. Nancy Kim's sermon is from the reading of Luke 8:40-56. Garrett Hart's reading is from Genesis 32:24-28. Tilden Davis '10 introduces Molly Miller's sermon by reading from John 15:1-13. Ryan Koski-Vacirca '10 introduces Kira Neiderhoffer's '10 passage from Mark 1:14-19. Matt Gamber '10 reads from Proverbs 16:1-4. Molly Miller '10 read a passage from John 16:20-24 to introduce Tilden Davis' '10 sermon.