A Guide to Sacred Symbols
Walden Pell II
A Guide to Sacred Symbols at St. Andrew's School was written by Walden Pell II at the urging of Chaplain Alexander Ogilby. Throughout this guide Reverend Pell tells the stories of the many symbols located throughout the campus. The first symbol discussed in this book is the School mascot, "The Cardinal", the School motto, "Faith and Learning" which was chosen by the Founder of the School, A. Felix duPont and the mural painted by N.C. Wyeth in 1936. Many of the symbols discussed can be found in The Chapel. The War Memorial that is located in a hallway in Founders Hall features some of the great leaders in World War II. The Cloister contains many symbols that are near and dear to the hearts of St. Andreans including the 100 foot tall tower given by the duPont family in memory of the Founder's son, Richard Chichester duPont who died in a glider accident. Near the back of the book appears Reverend Pell's sermon that he preached at the opening of School, September 19, 1948 as a memoriam to A. Felix duPont who passed away on June 29, 1948.
Photos included in this publication are of the dining room murals, the altar in The Chapel, Choir Stall carvings, The Pulpit, The Baptismal Altar and Font, the west wall of the War Memorial Room, and the Cloister entrance showing the symbol of the Trinity and shields of the apostles.