A. Felix duPont
Photograph of School founder, Alexis Felix duPont.
Here is an excerpt from "A History of St. Andrew's School at Middletown, Delaware 1928/1958" compiled by the Reverend Walden Pell II, concerning The Founder. The following statement was prepared by Bishop Cook, "The plan to establish such a school in this diocese and state originated with Mr. A. Felix du Pont. He is to be regarded, therefore, as the Founder in the fullest sense of that word, both because he is the sole originator of the project and also because of a very generous gift for buildings, equipment and endowment." This statement was written by Mr. du Pont, "The teaching and conduct of this school is based on the Christian religion. The Trustees and teachers believe that man's knowledge of right and wrong has been revealed by almighty God, demonstrated by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ, and that man is guided by the Holy Spirit to live according to God's revelation."