Dedication Service of the Building of St. Andrew's School
This program was used for the Dedication Service of the Building of St. Andrew's School at Noxontown, Delaware, Tuesday, October 14, 1930, and Celebration of the Tenth Anniversary of the Right Reverend Philip Cook, D.D. Bishop of the Diocese of Delaware. Speakers were The Honorable Joseph Buffington, L.L. D., Judge of the Federal Court of Appeals, The Right Reverend Edward T. Helfenstein, D.D., Bishop of Maryland, Reverend Charles W. Clash, President of the Standing Committee of the Diocese of Delaware. Also in attendance were members of the Standing Committee, Trustees of the Diocese, Members of the Executive Council. Officers and Instructors of St. Andrew's School in attendance were Headmaster Rev. Walden Pell II, Rev. James C. King, Jr. Mr. Martin Curtler, Mr. Granville Sherwood and Mr. John MacInnes. Trustees of the Episcopal Church School Foundation in attendance were The Bishop, Ex-Officio, President, Mr. A. Felix duPont, Vice-President, Mr. Allan J. Henry, Secretary and Treasurer, Hon. Richard S. Rodney, Mr. J. Thompson Brown, Mr. Walter J. Laird, Mr. Caleb S. Layton and Mr. John O. Platt. A listing of all dedication committees are included in the program.
The dedication began at 12pm followed by lunch at 1pm and an open air meeting and addresses of the day began at 2:30pm. The entire service including prayers and hymns are listed in the program as well.