A Brief Review / 1957 - 1958
William H. Cameron
This report was typically referred to as the Headmaster's Report, a state of the School report that Walden Pell published each year to be given to the Board of Trustees. Bill (Bull) Cameron was the interim head during the 1957 - 1958 school year hence the change in the title, A Brief Review.

The review includes details on: student demographics (and parental demographics); scrutiny of the curriculum in terms of ability to meet students needs; Advance Placement Exam implementation notes; addition of reading services program; student morale as problematic due to adolescent rebellion - remedy is to prize learning; VI form admirable; increase in number of praefects; admissions application process; alumni notes; activities discussion and current involvement and interests; program events for the year; Asian flu epidemic; financial particulars; financial aid form sent to all parents (Secondary School Scholarship Form); building needs - gymnasium addition, science building.

Appendices: Geographical Distribution 1957-58; Graph of I.Q.'s of All St. Andrew's School Students; Grades in Subject Fields; C.E.E.B. Aptitude test Scores; C.E.E.B. Achievement Test Scores, Class of 1957-58; Performance of VI Form Candidates on Advanced Placement Examinations; S.A.S. Performance in Terms of Quality of Work; Performance of S.A.S. Students in Freshman College Year in Terms of Quality; Freshman College grades Distributed According to Subject and Quality; College Acceptance in Terms of Choice; Athletic Summary (1957-58); St. Andrew's School Operating Income 1957-1958; St. Andrew's School Operating Expenses 1957-1958.