Boys Dorm Life
Third form boys making human pyramid. The following have been identified as appearing in this photo. Jim Sumler '71, Andy Hamlin '71, Brian Kinahan '71, Preston Gazaway '71 and Pete McCagg '71. If you can identify some of the other boys in this photo, please contact us.
John Barber '71 added additional names to his photo. "This photo was taken in the South Dorm. Rob Berray, Dick Wieboldt, Frank Merrill, Larry Eubank, Jim McBride, Mark Abbott, Bill Holder, Art Vandenberg, Mark Rocha, Gib Metcalf, Bill Bryan, Mac Davis, Jim Sumler, Andy Hamilin, Brian Kinahan, Pete McCagg." Further identifications of this photo have been made by John Wright '71: "Standing on left: Bill Holder '68 (South Dorm Supervisor). Bottom row from left: Mac Davis '71, Jim Sumler '71, Andy Hamlin, ?, Preston Gazaway, Peter McCagg. 2nd row from bottom from left: Denis Schweppe, Mark Rocha, Gib Metcalf, ?, Larry Eubank ? 3rd row: Mark Abbott (middle) ? Top row: on cubicle wall, from left: Henry Rust, John Wright. Upper right corner: John Barber. Furthest back on right: Frank Merrill.