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Collection: Staff

Ward Wallace and Janet Washburn

This photo was taken by Andy Seymour '82 during the N. Virginia Regatta in May 1982. Longtime school carpenter Ward Wallace (who was instrumental in keeping crew shells in tip top shape) appears in this photo with Janet Washburn '82.

Davey Staats

This photo of longtime maintenance staff member, Davey Staats, was taken during the 50th anniversary festivities. Davey and his band, The Country Grass Band, performed during this activity filled weekend.

Nurse Miller

This photograph of longtime School nurse, Meg Miller, was sent along with her regrets at not being able to attend the School's 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Bill Cashion, Life Snapshot

Charlie Martin '11 created this documentary about a moment in technology coordinator Bill Cashion's life for Charlie's NYU film studies project.

Link to Charlie's vimeo channel: