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Thumbnail   The Textbook was the first underground newspaper to appear at St. Andrew's. Who knew that the editor-in-chief of this publication would go on to pursue an important career in the field of journalism becoming a best selling author by the name of William Hollingsworth Whyte '35, or as he was more commonly known, Holly Whyte. Holly along with Philip Patterson, Bob DeVignier '35 and George Culleney st...
Thumbnail   There seems to be a bit of competition forming between the two School newspapers. According to the editorial of this issue of The Textbook, "The Cardinal and The Textbook are just about even and there is no preference. The Cardinal of late has shown more interest in their paper than before the Textbook came out. This is natural and many other papers would do the same. When a thing comes out natura...
Thumbnail   This issue of The Textbook has added a few new items. Along with the editorial and sports updates, it includes a new Philosophy column written by the School's doctor, Jerome Niles. There are a series of jokes with illustrations and many advertisements.
Thumbnail   Articles included in this issue: New vestry officers elected; Scientific Club holds meeting; Miller Shaw's team wins the hygiene poster contest; movie night selections; the latest fads; progress of clay-modeling contest; Mr. Pell conducts fossil hunt; sports updates, jokes and advertisements are included as well.
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