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Student Life, Traditions

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Thumbnail   This photo depicts dances as they took place in the 1950s. The headmaster's wife was in charge of inviting girls from other schools as dates for the SAS boys. This photo appeared in the weekly newsletter, "From the Archive," February 4, 2015 edition.
Thumbnail   Semi-formal dance, 1960s style. This photo appeared in the weekly newsletter, "From the Archive," February 4, 2015.
Thumbnail   This is a group shot taken during 1998 semi-formal dance.
Thumbnail   This photo was taken during semi-formal dance in 2003.
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Thumbnail   This video was taken during the opening day square dance in 2010.
Thumbnail   Julio Ramirez '12 made this film to promote Semi-Formal. It was shown at School meeting in February 2010. The theme of the dance was High School Stereotypes. The actors include Wes Goldsberry, Nina Labovitch '12, Tolani Babatunde '12, Liz Pomeroy '12, Katie Priester '12, Maggie Rogers '12, Katie Toothman '12, Annabel Wilmerding '12, Lucy Iselin '12, Kathryn Haroldson '12, Emily Grohs '12, Kara ...
Thumbnail   This football game against Wilmington Friends was played on Homecoming Weekend 1967. St. Andrew's won the contest with a score of 38 - 8. According to the 1968 yearbook, Dale Showell '68 had some fierce blocks, Andy Reynolds '68 passed for 145 yards and 2 touchdowns while Cy Hogue '68 scored twice and had 19 tackles. If you can identify any of the players in this video, and/or were a member of thi...
Thumbnail   Frosty Run Promo - 2011 - The Most Interesting Man at St. Andrew's. This film was produced and directed by Julio Ramirez '12 and shown at School meeting the Thursday prior to the Frosty Run. A spoof on the Dos Equis beer commercial, Peter Whitesell '12 takes a run at being the Most Interesting Man at St. Andrew's. "Stay Frosty my Friends."
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