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Thumbnail   Note saved in Mrs. Pell's scrapbook: "Message received at 8:30 - Mr. Cooper is at Media [PA] and is having trouble with the truck. The radiator leaks and has to be filled every 2 miles. He is coming down from Media by the Dupont Highway and expects to arrive in 2 hours. D.T.P.B." Mr. Cedric Cooper was the School's first Plant Superintendant.
Pie Note, 1933.
Edith Pell's saved this note in her scrapbook. It is written by the cook Jennie and is addressed to either Miss Miller, the nurse, or Miss Michaelis, the Housemother.
Thumbnail   A note sent to the Headmaster asking the return of a pig to the farm. "Mr. Pell Will you ask the boy who has the pig in basement of garage to take it back to farm Mr. Cochran wants it and I dont Cooper." Mr. Cedric Cooper was the School Plant Superintendent from 1930-1948. Mr. Woodall Cochran ran the School Foundation Farm from 1930-1949.
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