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Thumbnail   Dean of Faculty and longtime English teacher Will Speers discusses the idea of getting and being better. "Ultimately, we must dedicate our very beings to perpetuate the eternal: we only get better when we enhance the lives of others. That’s the pinnacle of collaboration. My improvement is valid purely in the service of someone else; otherwise, it’s ego-driven, selfish, greedy. But when we embr...
Thumbnail   Academic dean and Classics teacher Nathan Costa discusses adulthood in his chapel talk. "The dirty little secret is that adults don’t always know what to do. I daresay, in teaching, being a student, and probably a lot of other things, sometimes you actually have to fake it, to give your best shot at figuring out what you’re doing before you actually know what that is." As the eldest of five ch...
Thumbnail   This podcast, recorded during Wednesday night chapel, you will hear faculty and students recreating their experiences on their recent trip to South Africa. As a native South African, faculty member Joleen Hyde, has rare access to the history, culture and spirit unique to South Africa. They explored the Apartheid Museum before continuing on to Soweto, three days of service at St. Mark's School, Kru...
Thumbnail   Dean of Students, Spanish teacher, dorm parent to teenage girls and now mother of a young boy, Ana discusses understanding and raising boys. "As friends, teammates, roommates, classmates, you also display similar acts of kindness when someone had a bad practice, game, is sick, has a problem, has made a mistake or has achieve great victory. Whether you realize it or not, you are the generation that...
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Thumbnail   St. Andrew's Chaplain, Alexander (Sandy) Ogilvy talks to us about the second lesson, a part of the story of Epiphany. He recalls the slaughter of the children of Bethlehem (the Slaughter of the Innocents) and compares it to what happened six weeks ago, the massacre at My Lai. He asks us the question: "Are these two events comparable?" "Are these stories comparable?" Referenced: Matthew 2:13-18
Thumbnail   Reflections on allowing oneself to face the hurt involved in being human, described through the death of a close friend's father.
Thumbnail   "You live in a community where people try to listen, try to forgive. Your presence and being is integral to the rich tapestry of people at St. Andrew's. The individual matters....Yet our days at St. Andrew's are ephemeral, and they become more transitory if we stop wondering, stop asking; if we stop living the lessons this community teaches us about who we are and who we can be."
Thumbnail   Exploring essays by Virginia Woolf and Alice Walker and finding inner creativity. Discusses link between heritage and creativity. Speers ancestors: Roger Sherman, Peter Carter, William Speers, Bessy Kent.
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