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Student Life, Residential Life

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Thumbnail   "The weekend starts Wednesday. [T]he girls like a boy that is slick and neat. Think of your drabby shoes. The ACME SHOE COMPANY I[S] PUTTING ON FOR THE THANKSGIVING VACATION A SPECIAL RUSH JOB. All shoes must be in to "Badger" by noon Tuesday." A type-written note advertising shoe-shining services by an enterprising student.
Thumbnail   Edith Pell's saved this note in her scrapbook. It announces a new student business offering the banking services of students Crocker, Layton and Warwick at a 10% interest rate.
Thumbnail   This photo has been identified by Randy Slaughter '92. From left to right: "Stephane Erard '92, Ted Cotsen '91 and Rob Toomey '92."
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Thumbnail   This is a video announcement shown during a Thursday All School Meeting. Its intent was to encourage the boys to clean and maintain the laundry room.
Thumbnail   This video was shown at School Meeting. Dan Hasse '10 writes of the film: "We made this PSA to raise awareness about the sorry state of the St. Andrew's boys laundry room. Sadly, it didn't really change much." Actors include Michael Amos '10, Sam Broer '10, Bing Court '10, Kelvin Green '10, Jack Moffitt '10, Brian Sanchez.
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